Thursday, April 9, 2009


On Monday, we went to Tom Upon's studio in Menlo Park to take pictures of Brad's pieces for Tiny Sparks Designs. Tom is a professional photographer and old friend of ours. I worked with him years ago when I was in marketing and he has also taken photos of Brad's furniture and done portraits for us too. He is a great guy to work with, really knows his stuff and we always come out with nice pictures.

Tom also teaches people how to get the most out of their digital cameras in Palo Alto, at My folks took a class with him to learn all of the ins and outs of their digital SLR. They really enjoyed it and recommended it to us.

I think Tom is a great person to be teaching that class too. He is really knowledgeable, easy to talk to and a lot of fun. So, if you are in the SF bay area and want to get the most of your digital SLR or your Point-and-Shoot, check out his classes. They are about 1/2 day long and about $125.

Some of the pieces we were shooting were really tricky They are all screen printed artwork on wood and finding the balance between getting the inks to look good, getting the wood grain to stand out and getting a good sheen on the finish was difficult. Some of the inks are metallic and look beautiful in person but were hard to capture in photographs.

Tom used a variety of lighting techniques, did some great straight on photos and then some nice close-up, detail shots too. I think we took about 150 photos. We are currently working on the Tiny Sparks Design website so the photos will be up soon. They are being sorted through, color corrected etc., I can't wait to see them!

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