Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tartine Ham and Cheese Croissant

OMG! We had the most amazing ham and cheese croissants from Tartine Bakery this morning for breakfast. This is an indulgence, not an everyday occurrence, one reserved for days like Brad's 38th Birthday. Which by the way is today.

We were introduced to these by our friend Eli Beit-Zuri. After caring for his houseplants while he was galavanting in Argentina, he thanked us by dropping off 3 of these for our breakfast the next morning. Little did we know that inside the inconspicuous, simple brown bag was this unbelievable treat.

The croissant was perfectly crisp on the outside with soft buttery layers on the inside. The combination of ham and cheese was an excellent savory paring to the croissant. All together it was fabulous although very rich and almost impossible to eat an entire one without help. Almost.

By the way, we also had the bread pudding with fruit and a morning bun while sitting in their lovely cafe drinking coffee. Both were wonderful, but especially the morning bun. It was crisp and soft at the same time, covered in sugar and fresh from the oven.

Tartine is legendary in San Francisco, most of the locals know about it and frequent it. I hadn't been in about a year and I had forgotten how good it really is.

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