Sunday, May 17, 2009

Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream

My friend Sara brought some Humphry Solocombe ice cream to our house one evening and I had been dying to go over there ever since. She brought a pint each of Black Sesame and Coconut Ice Milk which were both really good. She had told me on a couple of occasions that we needed to go there, and since she is the food editor for 7X7 magazine, I always take her advice. So, I took the kids on a Friday afternoon to their ice cream shop at 2790 Harrison St. at 24th in the Mission district of San Francisco.

I started with a taste of the Secret Breakfast, Burbon ice cream with Corn Flakes, which was really good. It had a pretty subtle flavor with a nice crunch to it. But, I was wooed by the Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee ice cream, which is what I ended up getting becuase it was pretty irresistable.

I was prepared for some unusual flavors but not for everything they had to offer. I couldn't bring myself to taste the Boccalone Prosciutto. No matter how adventurous my pallate wanted to be, my brain just said no. It looks like normal ice cream, the bin was half empty so other people had been ordering it, but I just couldn't do it. I stared at it and made faces for quite a while but in the end, I just savored my coffee ice cream.

My kiddo tried the Strawberry Candied Jalapeno, he loves strawberry but I don't think the word jalapeno really registered when he read the label. He took a small taste, gave me a wide eyed look and ordered the coconut instead.

Our trip to Humphry Slocombe was a lot of fun. It was fun to have all the crazy flavors to try and choose from. The store is really cute and clean, it is decorated like an old soda fountain but feels very hip and modern. It is just off of 24th street in the Mission so it is nice to walk around the neighborhood too.

The ice cream itself was okay, the flavor was good but there were lots of little ice chunks in mine, maybe it was just the batch. They have a lot of different flavors and rotate them to offer 10 to 12 flavors a day.

We will definitely go back, looking at their list of flavors, there are lots more I want to try; Candied Chestnut, Oolong, Salted Licorice, White Chocolate Lavender. There are others that I'd like to see someone else try too; Foie gras, Government Cheese, Pistachio Bacon...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Love My Mother

I don't have many pictures of my Mother, she hates to have her picture taken. These are the ones that I have that I love.

The photo above was taken on my wedding day in 1996. When Brad and I got married, my Mom cried. I thought it was funny, for some reason I was surprised. Now I realize that I shouldn't have been, she cries at everything, movies, TV, even when I just say "I love you" sometimes. She hates it that everything makes her cry, it just makes me want to hug her more though.

When I was young my Mom and Dad got divorced. She was a single parent for a short time before she remarried. When I look at this picture above I realize how much she has always loved and cared for me. I have a son now and I feel like I am beginning to understand how much my Mom really loves me.

This picture is of my Mom and Dad around 1972 or so. My Mom was so hip! Look at that hair! And those glasses! And that coat! And those bell bottoms! What more is there to say?

Happy Mother's Day Mom. I hope that you know how much I love and appreciate and admire everything that you do, even if you did ditch us to go watch the Space Shuttle launch for Mother's Day. (How cool is that though?) I hope you are having fun. Love you!!!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

I love this gift idea

I think that this is such a cute idea for a Mother's Day gift. MD is just 2 days away so it is kinda late, but I came across it while browsing Etsy and just loved it.

It is made by Smoley Design and can be found on their Etsy store. It is sterling silver and is custom made for you with the names you want. They are all made by hand and are hand stamped.For $30 you get three charms but you can add additional ones for $5 each.

So cute!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Chalk Animation

I found this video while browsing around the web tonight. It is really beautiful and mesmerizing. It is by Firekites, an indy band from Australia. Enjoy!