Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Love My Mother

I don't have many pictures of my Mother, she hates to have her picture taken. These are the ones that I have that I love.

The photo above was taken on my wedding day in 1996. When Brad and I got married, my Mom cried. I thought it was funny, for some reason I was surprised. Now I realize that I shouldn't have been, she cries at everything, movies, TV, even when I just say "I love you" sometimes. She hates it that everything makes her cry, it just makes me want to hug her more though.

When I was young my Mom and Dad got divorced. She was a single parent for a short time before she remarried. When I look at this picture above I realize how much she has always loved and cared for me. I have a son now and I feel like I am beginning to understand how much my Mom really loves me.

This picture is of my Mom and Dad around 1972 or so. My Mom was so hip! Look at that hair! And those glasses! And that coat! And those bell bottoms! What more is there to say?

Happy Mother's Day Mom. I hope that you know how much I love and appreciate and admire everything that you do, even if you did ditch us to go watch the Space Shuttle launch for Mother's Day. (How cool is that though?) I hope you are having fun. Love you!!!!!


Briana said...

Look, it's Baxter in the photo!! Stephanie, your child is your identical twin. Are you sure he's not just a clone??

And your mama is gorgeous, as is to be expected.

Happy mamas day!

Mom said...

You made me cry! Thank you for a wonderful mothers day gift. You're the best! xoxo

debtink said...

so SO sweet

Tim K. Murphy said...

What a great post, Stephanie. I was deeply touched. Thank you for posting such a poignantly beautiful memoir.