Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tiny Sparks Design at the Maker Faire!

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This year my husband has his first retail booth at the Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA. Tiny Sparks Design is his new business where he makes beautiful screen printed art on wood. The show went really well, people loved his stuff, he sold most of it and we had a great time doing it!

The Maker Faire is an event that we go to every year but this year but this was Brad's first year as a vendor. If you don't know the Maker Faire, it is a crazy, carnival-like event that is all about building things, crafting things, electronic things... I can't even begin to explain. There is a cool time-lapse video on their site of the event, it still doesn't do it justice but it is pretty cool.

Brad worked like crazy to prepare for the show, I visited him at his shop and took some snapshots of him preparing his products. He gets really big pieces of lumber and then cuts them down to size, here he has a bunch of wood that is ready to be sanded.

After the wood is prepared, he screen prints designs on to them. He uses up to 4-colors for his pieces and hand-pulls each screen. The piece above is one of the small pieces, these are made into wall hangings or hooks are hung from the bottom and they become key holders. These were really popular, I think we might have sold out of them.

They cute key designs mostly became key hooks. Brad made a ton of these and I think we still have a few left. I love them, the colors are really nice and they are functional. People love function.

This is one of Brad's paper prints. We sold a ton of these at the show too. They are printed on 8" x 10" white archival paper and fit in a standard frame. We sold these for $10 a piece at the show and they were a bit hit.

This is one of Brad's finished tree shadow pieces. We sold out of these too. He prints the images on the edge of the wood to highlight the beauty of the wood itself. You can see in this picture that this piece of wood has a really beautiful curly grain and has a beautiful shimmer. What really sets Brad's work apart from other artists how he treats the wood. Because he has been a furniture maker for almost 20 years, he shapes, sands and finishes wood like no one else.

This stitched bird design is one of Brad's first designs and we only have 1 left. I listed it on Etsy yesterday. I am posting what we've got left over on Etsy all week, so go take a look!

Brad is now preparing for Renegade SF, so there will be new items to come. We hope to see you there.

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